Edit Shell / Wall Thickness

Hi all,
I have been working to create a chess piece and was trying to stack the crown onto the top of it. However, I had already hollowed/ shelled out the main body and only after I got done designing the crown part did I realize that I have the wrong shell / wall thickness for the body.

My question is how do I adjust the shell thickness without hitting undo until I get to that point?

I feel like its fairly simple, but when I looked it up I couldn’t seem to find anything anywhere about adjusting it when it wasn’t one of the last commands. The biggest problem I have is that I decided to create the body by stacking layers and then unifying them rather than doing a revolve, so now I can’t really just delete the body and redo the sketch because all the sketches are stacked perpendicular to the shell. I know this design is extremely simple and would only take 5 minutes to redo, but I can see myself and others having this issue when its not such an easy design to redo. I will include a screen shot.

Sselect all the internal faces, and hit delete. Then apply the Shell tool again.


Awesome, that worked great, thank you!

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