Equal Wall Thickness

Hello. I’m very new to Shapr3D and I have to say I like it so far. So, I have an irregular shaped triangle that I would like to create the same size wall thickness for, let’s say 1/4 inch (.25 inches). Is this possible? If so, how can I accomplish this? Please see the attached screenshot. Thank you.

Once you have the triangle body, select the top and bottom face and hit “shell”.

Tools then shell. Select the face to make the thickness… then she’ll and an arrow appears, move it then input the measurement you require. It should then start to create a shell.

I think you need it to be full walled o it can remove… then extrude the last wall away. That’s how I did mine similar…

You can Shell it as suggested. Or you can offset the edges on your sketch, selecting Loop and then creating your triangle.

Both options shown in this clip.

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Thanks to everyone that replied. I appreciate your help.

@Stephen Thank you for the video as well. It’s very useful.

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