End points on my design won’t align

My design won’t automatically align when I’m using the line too, with a pencil. How do I reset the tool so that I get them to align?

You can watch the video of it not aligning. This happens to me a lot on a lot of designs. I’m using the newest IPad Pro with no screen protector. Any suggestions would be helpful.

This is super weird. Can you share the workspace in .shapr format?

It says it’s too big to upload here, what’s the best way to upload it to you?

A google drive or any other cloud storage link would be perfect.

Thank you, we will take a look ASAP.

It acts like the same after importing, we are investigating it. Thank you for your feedback

Have you verified that your pen working normally in other programs (e.g. vector drawing program?)

Sorry, didn’t read down…(not enough coffee yet)

Any updates on this as it occasionally happens on other new designs