Error report when exporting to Solidworks using .IGS format file

Error report when exporting to Solidworks using .IGS format file.The problem is that in this case, some chamfered surfaces will be lost, but the .obj and X-T formats will not have this problem.

Hi, please can you reimport the IGES design file into Shapr, let’s see if this also happens in the app?

Hi @wangzhide, to exchange data between Solidworks and Shapr3D, please always use the Parasolid (x_t) format. It’s guaranteed to work.

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I tried what you said and re-import .igs into Shapr. The software works normally, and there is no problem of chamfering surface loss on the PC side. But the new discovery is that the color is lost. And I waited for about 10 minutes before importing successfully. The .igs file is about 50MB, and the program flashed back once during the process. This may be related to what I use is not iPad Pro.


It’s a general issue when exchanging design files between CAD tools.
For Solidworks we will reccomend you share files in X_T(Parasolid) format as Shapr and Solidworks both run on the Parasolid engine.