Estimated feature roadmap for windows

Hello, what is the estimated roadmap for windows? There are some features that I miss from Apple. the one feature I miss for windows is export parts to different folders it made it easier to 3D print. It would be nice to get an estimated feature date as I have almost left apples eco system, my personal choice.

Also if I can request an export all designs in shapr3D format or any formant it would be apricated. It gets tiring to export one design at a time, a select all and export would be great when moving between my devices.

Hey Mike, welcome!

We are planning to bring the rest of the missing features (including the export options you mentioned and visualization) to Windows in the next ~3 months. By default, all of our dev teams now work multi-platform and all new features are released simultaneously to Mac, iPad & Windows, but we do still have a bit of a backlog that we need to work on.

In roughly the same time we’ll also introduce cloud-based sync between all of your devices, so you wouldn’t need to manually export/import your designs. If you don’t want to make use of that, we are planning to further improve our workspace management to make dealing with many designs easier, but we don’t yet have a detailed timeline for that.

Any idea when the left hand mode will be implemented? i ditched the Ipad Pro in favor of a Surface Pro 8 and have now realized that left hand mode is still missing…

I’m afraid we don’t have an ETA for the left-handed layout on Windows yet. Tablet users on Windows are in significant minority, and of course lefties are a small subset of that as well, so we simply had to prioritize other things higher. Even though as a left-handed Surface Pro user, it bothers me to no end, too :frowning: We’ll get there, it’s not forgotten, but I don’t want to make any promises we couldn’t keep.