Export 3D Cabinet to Aspire (for CNC)

Hello! :slight_smile:

How can I export this to Aspire, so its ready to be cut?
I’ve tried step, obj, stl with no luck. STL is just 1 solid body.

Ofc, with this very simple box I could export all bodies individual, but im looking for a faster/smarter option.

Or maybe another way to do this: Nest all bodies/parts in Shapr3D, export DXF - import in Aspire…? Is it possible this way? If yes, how to nest/flatten parts? - I’ve read a comment from a guy, rotating all the bodies manually, but…is this really the only option ?- there must be something im missing.

I’ve been wanting to write this for maybe 2 months now, I feel I tried everything. Hope someone can help me, so I can live in peace and harmony :smiley:

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Hide all but 1 body and export (exclude hidden bodies in adv settings) one at a time.

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Thank you for the answer, Oregonerd.

Hmm…one at a time… so, I have a model with 40+ parts, so I have to repeat the process you’ve mentioned- over and over again?..

Right now im trying to:

Align all bodies flat
Project faces to a sketch
Export as DXF

But that is only 2D- fine for my work now. But very limited. I don’t see this solution working for example 2.5D, for fillets, chamfers etc.

I’m used to 3D Printer slicers. They allow one to break apart multipart assemblies and arrange them on the print bed. Does your CAM processor allow this? If it works with STLs It might?

Tobi, I have used Aspire for many years, and Shapr3D for around 2+ years. While I use Shapr3D exclusively for 3D printing, and sometime for visualization, my go-to methodology for my CNC projects are done directly in Aspire or CorelDRAW. An exception to this method, was this project, where I designed the assembly in Shapr3D, then exported the individual flat files using DXF format, to a laser CNC. iCloud

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@Oregonerd - With Aspire, i havent had the chance to try to slice things yet. I was thinking about it last night. But the whole Shapr3D thing is pretty new to me, also Aspire, if its not a square piece i need to cut :laughing: Do you have a nice process for this?

@McD thank you for the answer and the video - really impressive with 8!! Harleys.! I just need to understand your method correct: You flat your parts, and export directly as DXF?.. Last night i tried with flat parts > project on surface > (hide/delete bodies) export to dxf. - is it the same as your method?



Did you ever find a solution for this… curious, having similar situation. Really enjoy Shaper3D and want to know how to nest things straight from Shaper.