Export file problems

Good day. Kindly advise on export fail. Stl file cannot be created for printing. How to troubleshoot this issue. Model was exported before, but after some changes executed, cannot be exported, receiving message “ file cannot be created” without any additional info. Where to search ?

I’ve had this happen. If you export as an x_t and load it into a new project window then export as stl that usually works.

Also, kind of off topic but similar, I’ve had the same issue when trying to import step files into a project. Use the new project, import, export x_t and then it allows me to import into my main project.

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Hi Myke,
Try this. After opening the export details menu, change the Resolution to Custom. Now, change the Deviation Tolerance and/or Angle Tolerance to a slightly higher number. Then continue.

Does that help?

Just try from default to max. And no result, same issue.

Thank you, just try your way, but same problem on imported project.

Try to make same but with exporting to STEP file and it works. Thanks. :wink: