Export perspective as vector line art

How do you export a perspective view as vector line art for use in illustrator?

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Hi, you will be able to export the perspective view in just a few days as dxf/dwg format with our drawings feature :wink: Until that time please export your design as an image and trace it in Illustrator

Honestly, I need this feature too.
So I don’t have to go to skp in order to get “vector line art”.

Hello! Just a heads up, we have released version 4.0.0 with drawings, please check it out for vector lines :wink:


Does this (version 4.0.0 with drawings) work for those on trial period of Pro version as well?


It does, and if you keep your PRO subscription going after the trial, you will get access to Business tier for the PRO price.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Is version 4.0.0 available now then?


Yes, you can upgrade in the App Store.

My mistake; I thought you meant the iOS version. :roll_eyes: