Exporting Images for 2D Drawing

How do I get just a white model with lines like the one pictured in the guide for this?

If you project your model’s contours to a plane and export them as a dwg/dxf then open it in a CAD viewer an export it as a pdf/jpeg, it will look like the same.
A much more simpler way to export your model for visual purposes is to select Picture as an output. In the popup window you can select if edges and the background gris should be shown or not, etc.

That got me going in the right direction. To get the nice clean white look:

  1. Highlight all bodies and change color to white.
  2. Hide all sketches and items you don’t want shown.
  3. Hit the export button and choose image.
  4. Turn off grid.
  5. Make background transparent.
  6. Hit photo button.

Bam done.


It might not be exactly what you´re looking for but you could checkout Morpholio Trace.
It´s more for Architectual or Industrial Design sketches. But it does work in combination with shapr3d. You can drag and drop from the obj export option. And then chose your view to trace.