Export .stl doesn’t work

Hi, I’m new to all this forum stuff, so please excuse any mistakes.

I’m really struggling with exporting .stl files to memory sticks. My expectation is to use either a micro SD card in an adapter or a normal memory stick depending on what 3D printer I want to use the eventual code file for.

To get to a slicer the .stl has to go to my MacBook Air, and at present that is beset by Apples bizarre security systems such that I cannot use iCloud, which isn’t that great here since reception is pretty poor. So, I need to use transferable memory.

When I export to any memory stick everything seems ok, Shapr3D says done, and if I look in files BEFORE removing memory stick the file size seems ok. However, if I remove and then reinsert the memory stick the file just contains a few kilobytes and, as you’d expect, creates error messages on either Slic3r or Chitubox.

When iCloud works the files transfer correctly, but there clearly something wrong when I’m using portable memory.

I don’t know if this is a Shapr3D problem or an IPad problem, or something wrong with the memory sticks, several of which have failed recently.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Hi, you can send the files to your MacBook from the app using AirDrop or Dropbox, these will work great.

Generally what could work can be that you try to rename the file(only with normal letters without any special characters). Else from my investigations this is usually a printer - USB stick compatibility issue.

You might need to either update your printer’s firmware or need a more recent USB stick( I see USB 3.0 and upwards is recommended).
I also will suggest you please reach out to Chitubox support as they might also be able to proffer great suggestions.

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I use AirDrop all the time. Works great and it’s foolproof.


Thanks for your comments…problem has now been resolved, something to do with Apple verification systems and me being dumb. Raoul from Portugal sorted the verification thing very kindly, and so not only iCloud is back but memory sticks work again. No point trying to understand what was really wrong, Apple weirdness and clearly nothing to do with Shapr3D.

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