Exporting error

I’ve been exporting stl’s the same way since I’ve been using this app. Today the file shows up as an error on my MacBook and cannot open file to 3d print. Unsure of where to go from here.

Process: I complete the design, hit the export button, tap 3d print stl, name the file and save to “files” that saves through iCloud. I then open on MacBook directly into my slicing software.

Hi, what do you mean by that it shows up as an error?

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 3.16.08 PM
it shows error underneath the Coffee Funnel design, it’s grey and unable to be clicked on. the other 3 designs were uploaded from shapr3d

Hi @Zebrewz06 does the file show up normally in Files on your iPad?

The file works now. I tried updating my mac and all is well. Thank you for the responses and emails.