Reports error “Can’t make file”

I’ve made a slightly complex object (Case for a switch selector system) made of two halves.

Both have “normal” during sketching etc. Both save to my ipad Files as Shaper files and one exported normally by email as an STL.
The other returns an error when I try to send as an email STL so I can 3D print it. It says it Export Failed Can’t Make File.

I have to presume there is some sort of error or corruption in the object but I don’t know how the find the error.

Any ideas? I really don’t want to have to re draw the object again.

Thanksswitch shell extended top.shapr (4.0 MB)

I cannot help directly but can confirm that after downloading and attempting to Export as STL a similar result is returned.
You will have to send it in to the S3D Team for analysis.

Thanks Gelphyn
That would suggest the problem is the file itself and not just my copy of Shaper or my iPad.

The only thing out of the ordinary when I drew it was the chamfering around some of the pillars that rise out of the sloped surface. They gave some funny errors and while I could get them to work for a small radius the way they extended up the slope seemed to be a problem.
maybe that’s where the error is?

i’ll have to see what the moderators say.

Can this be the problem?

It was the problem, and I cleaned it up for you also😉new.shapr (2.2 MB)

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Well done, you beat me to it.
My solution was to reduce the colliding Fillets to 1mm.

That is an easy solution for you?

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Thanks for that. don’t know how I missed seeing that.
thanks all.

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