Exporting Shapr3D to Blender via Fusion

I do UV Mapping in Blender for model displays I create which requires QUAD mesh for the colours and images to apply correctly.

I prefer to always use Shapr3D to create the models but it has been absolutely impossible to UV Map them because the mesh created on export is a mess for STL, 3MF, and OBJ which takes many hours to try and fix.

I did find a solution via Fusion 360 which is also a mess on export but not if you convert to mesh first. It would be nice if Shapr3D added a Mesh option but until then this process works.

1> Build Model in Shapr3d (don’t merge bodies) - Export to STEP
2> Open STEP in Fusion 360 and save as Fusion file.
3> Select each body in Fusion and under Mesh Create - Choose Tessellate
4> Drag ALL the arrows to the left so Surface is Custom, Normal Deviation is 1, Maximum Edge is 1 mm (or 2 or 3 depending how detailed) Aspect Ratio is 1 and check Create Quads.
5> Export all Mesh bodies as FBX
6> Import into Blender - select mesh bodies and Alt J for Tris to Quads.

This is pretty exciting for those that want to use Shapr3D for more than just 3D Printing.

Thanks for that.

Similarly, I’ve found how to do it with 3Ds Max.

  1. Export as OBJ from Shapr3D.

  2. Import the OBJ into Max and in the Modifiers panel, Quadify Mesh. This gives a great result without any distortion of the model. You can subdivide as needed.