Export OBJ Remeshing as Quads

I think this is a feature request, but the remeshing of OBJ export needs to be improved to be 99% quad polys with good edge poly flow for people who are using the software for hard surface work with other 3D tools.

I’m using Shapr3D for hard surface 3D asset creation and with Zbrush and Houdini and it would be great if the mesh “just worked” out of Shapr3D since I am paying a lot for it every month. By “just worked”, I mean it could be exported with 99% quad polygons and good polygon flow (instead of a mess of triangles) so I could use it with dynamic subdivision in other 3D apps.

Currently the process is:

  1. Create, export from Shapr3D
  2. Remesh in Zbrush (mixed results)
  3. HEAVY polygon cleanup (Zbrush, Modo) - mixed results

2 & 3 take DAYS depending on the asset. If Shapr could reduce these to nothing, that would obviously save a LOT of time and a TON of 3D artists would be interested in using the software for similar needs instead of apps like Fusion360 or MOI which is what they use now.

NOT this:

more like THIS:

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