Extend face

I measured the distance between the two pieces. then I want to extend one with the desired distance, but for this it is necessary first to calculate what the final size is, which is quite often uncomfortable.40C79371-78DC-46AC-94DC-284A3EC8010F A5D9228E-525F-4BA5-BA2E-8449C0BFEBBD

Just use the translate tool.

Yes, I know this, but quite often this option is not applicable. Also, I can use extrude, but it takes more time.

P.S. Midpoint does not work correctly.

Hi Chayanne!

You can use the translate tool to achieve what you want like this:

Note that you don’t have to specify the exact vector, it will still work. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Chayanne. The extension function is now very uncomfortable and brings no added value. The original solution was much better and should be restored.

I am not sure I get it, can you elaborate a bit? What do you mean by original solution?

This is only for parallel faces in a single body. We are going to show the dimension, right away when face is selected.

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