Measuring a body

Sometimes I want to place a ruler along the side of a body. Since this feature doesn’t exist I tried to drag out a surface (or plane) of the body. If I just make a rectangle and extrude it to a box. And then drag out one of the surfaces shapr3d will display the distance to the opposite parallel surface. But, in my slightly more complicated design (a birdhouse) the distance displayed starts at zero and shows how much I have adjusted the surface. Not sure my explanation is clear, I can attach some photos.

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If you select an edge, you will see it’s length in the bottom of the screen. I hope it helps.

Thank you! But my problem is slightly different. See the attached image. I want to know and then set the thickness indicated by the red arrow to a specific value. When I try what you suggest it helps a little because I can see the thickness, but, if I want to set it to a value that technique doesn’t;t work for me.

It’s more problematic at the moment, we don’t have a tool for this case yet.

The offset face tool shows the distance across the body, if the face on the other side is planar, if not, it starts from the current position. It’s not ideal, but if you know the current distance between the line and the body edge, you can calculate the distance you want to move the face to.

Or you might be able to do a negative extrude, which will show you how far you’ve gone.

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