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Hi all,

since we have entered with the issue of the import export of * .dxf and * .dwg files that are widely used for the development of projects with 3D charts there is one that is much more widespread or used by graphic designers is the * .svg that it supports many 3D programs, such as blender, google sketchup, maya like many others, is it possible to incorporate this extension to Shapr3D?


Hello David, thank you for your feedback. I will pass on your request to our product team and hopefully this might be available sometime in the future.


Thank you so much for everything

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I would really like this as well.
Svg is my main design format that I need to work from. I am getting by with converting over to dxf first but shapr3d is really slow to process that file after for some reason

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Hi, the app does not support SVG file formats at the moment. We will keep working on improving the app compatibility and supporting elements for the DXF/DWG file formats.

Please feel free to send us the DXF file anytime the app lags when working one, we would be glad to look into the issue and this would also be helpful for our file format improvement investigations.

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I am also very interested in Shapr3d being able to export an svg file from a selected face. This would greatly simplify my workflow!

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