Feature Request: Import .svg Files

Being able to create a 2D concept in my favorite vector software, then port it into Shapr3D to add the third dimension would make the creative process so much easier for me. If I could import the .svg onto or as a sketch plane instead of tracing the whole thing over again with the Shapr3D tools, it would remove the frustration of repetitiveness that currently exists when I have to trace my vector work that has to be imported as a .jpg currently.


Hello @ThirtyFive,
I totally see your point. SVG import is currently not supported, we were focusing on other popular 2d formats like DWG and DXF. Do you have the opportunity to export in these formats or convert your svg doc into those?


I would also like to thumbs up svg - I use the Shaper Origin tool and am forced as Shapr3d does not allow svg (someone made a tool that allows me to export from sketchup directly to svg)

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This is the result of my .svg to .dxf conversion:
justTexts.shapr (1.9 MB)
Also, the 2D interface can be a bit of a wrestling match thanks to having no ability to lock pieces and lines to keep them from being selected during changes. Maybe Shapr3D can eventually include a low-end 2D vector drawing engine for making non-algebra-based changes? I have been trained by Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator on my iPad. The shape building tools of these apps offer a pleasant freedom compared to the Mary Poppins strictness level offered by Shapr3D.

I agree, I’d like to +1 this feature request. In fact I asked for this a year ago. It’s unfortunate that we need to jump through extra hoops just to bring in an svg file. I’ve seen members say they’ve used other apps to convert svg files into an iges, etc.

I use Affinity Designer so I’d have to use extra apps as well.

I used Inkscape to convert from SVG to DXF. It worked pretty well. The online converters are worthless.

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+1000 please! I don’t want to have to jump to a desktop/laptop to use Inkscape to convert. I’d love to get an SVG via email, save it and drop it in Shapr3D all on my iPad.

I’m not interested in having multiple 3D modeling applications and what I find missing from Shapr3D are the svg support and adding text. I’ve had to switch over to Fusion 360, where the only downside for me has been the lack of iPad support.

I would like to add my upboat tot this - SVG export/import would be great.

I’d like to +1000 this ability as well. Sick of so many tertiary apps that exist only as workarounds

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We don’t have support for SVG Import yet (so you will need to continue using @KPeter 's DXF workaround, but a couple of you have mentioned exporting SVG or using tools like the Shaper Origin here, so I just wanted to highlight that we just added SVG export with the latest 4.9 release. You can read more about it here: SVG Export local alternative - #9 by Seb_Shapr3D


Just wanting to follow up on how the import status of svg is going?
Being able to export svg is great, however there seems to be no realistic way to import any sort of drawing or vector from another program.
I have tried converting svg to dxf, however when I import the converted dxf it results in broken polylines which is making it completely useless.

I am assuming the capability to work with svg it there (as we can now export to svg), so why has importation of svg’s not been implemented yet?

This has also been an ongoing request for quiet some time.

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This feature is important to me for 3D printing use cases. It’s great to have the text feature that was added, but for complex shapes, I often want to start with an SVG.


How is this still not a feature? I have to take my stuff into horrible Tinkercad to process SVG files. That’s a miserable experience.

How… and this is really something bothering me… are you not able to see, that a feature that you are 1000% submitted to, may be an minor feature to the majority of the community and thereby a minor-feature-request to the development-team of Shapr3D?
You may use a online-service like SVG to DXF | CloudConvert to convert your svg to dxf and import them into Shapr3D in just that 1 additional step.
But instead of accepting that (one) additional step you are demanding this feature, which realization would keep the majority of the community from obtain features/functionalities like assemblies/components, bills of material, parametric dimensions, configurations… etc. etc…
I think this behavior is kind of egoistic - but that is just me!
Cheers Matt

We all have what’s important to us, right? This is a feature I would need, but you or another would not. I can still be upset it’s not included and express that. I’m sure you’ve got features you feel the same about. Conversion doesn’t always work well, as you may have seen expressed above. It’s nice that there’s a hack work around, but it would be nicer if it wasn’t needed.

You asked how that is still not a feature… I tried to answer your question. I understand that it does not make you smile, but that is the way it is! :wink:
Maybe the Shapr3D-Team delivers this function one day, but I would not expect that!

The thing about that issue might be that the contour ot the svg is not closed, what would be a necessity for Shapr3D to be able to extrude / use the contour… if it is open, the direct-conversion via Shapr3D won’t help… Shit in = Shit out!

Sorry again for not supporting your concerns, but from my experience there is nothing more to expect from reality!

Cheers Matt

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We like to defy expectations sometimes :wink:


I design everything in Vector SVG which is the standard vector format. I am also finding it impossible to get my SVG designs into Shapr3D.

The “just convert online” is not a solution because online converters do NOT maintain exact sizing. For example, I just uploaded a shape in SVG that is exactly 162mm wide as per the design. It has to EXACTLY fit a lid of a container so size is extremely important. The “DXF” export is now 1924mm wide? It isn’t even 100x larger but some random variable.

SVG is the world standard for 2D Vector. DXF is very old and for Autodesk and not a standard.

With the high cost of Shapr3D it would make sense to be able to import industry standard vector files.