When will SVG/vector import support be available?

I’ve been using Shapr3D for a year now. I primarily start my workflow in 2D using a vector app like Illustrator, then import [a compromised DXF conversion of my SVG] as my starting point for 3D. I previously looked into the option to import SVG files and saw posts going back years saying “not yet supported”. I’m at the point where I’m going to start exploring other options to Shapr3D to get around what seems like a very rudimentary feature. Are there active plans to implement SVG import into Shapr3D or should I give up hope?


The title of your post addresses two different issues. DXF is a vector format.

I mentioned SVG in the title and body of my post. The question is regarding SVG import.


Did you ever happen to hear if/when SVG import is coming? Thanks!

No, but I would like to hear some official confirmation on if it’s planned. It’s so fundamental to my workflow that I allowed my subscription to lapse and have since switched to Fusion 360. I would like to split my time between F360 and Shapr3D but that’s not an option without vector import that doesn’t compromise the vector elements (the current SVG-to-DXF workaround is untenable).

SVG import is not on our mid term roadmap at the moment.