Replace face with more than one STEP face

Problem: Replace face can ot be used on more than one STEP face

Description: Replace face should connect to more than one face on a STEP object

Replace face to the whole or parts of the marked STEP faces are not possible.

Cant achieve: connection to multiple faces of a STEP file

workflow blocker? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?*

Yes it slows down, some things can not be achieved or at least not easily. The mighty replace face command is downgraded when working with STEP files.

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This is supported already. If it does not work with the STEP file, it’s most likely due to the low quality of the imported geometry.


Ok could you report what and exactly where the problem is or is that a separate feature request? Just leaving the user with doesn’t work is frustrating sometimes. (and there is not much in Shapr that doesn’t, but with STEPs you do encounter those moments)

Holy Miss Moly!
YOU encounter problems with YOUR STEP-File(s), because they are from questionable quality and made from free-form-features.
You may spam the whole forum with “Feature-Requests”, but that would not change anything.
As Istvan already stated in annother of your countless treads complaining about things not working:
You need a tool that works with free-form-modelling-features - and this is not Shapr3D.
Shapr3Ds Features work pretty fine with rule-based-geometry (may it in STEP-format or not) - that is what it is designed for!
Again: what you are doing here is trying to eat soup with a fork… No “feature-request” you place here here will make a spoon from that fork!

That’s not helping Matt, you are getting impolite, just ignore my posts if you dislike them please. Yes I get problems imported STEPS which is not the problem here. A problem is if a Shapr command does not work but at the sam time does not make clear what happens. I am quite sure the Shapr team is interested in this feedback. I also think the Shapr team recognises a weakness of Shapr with imported files.

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