Feature idea: "hollowing tool"

I made some complex shapes which will be produced with 3D printing.
For 3D SLS printing it sometimes is worthwhile to create hollow shapes.
Can this be an idea for the future?

We already have a Hollow tool. It’s called Shell.

I realize this is last year, however — I’m running into a similar issue, with a more complex object. While I understand and acknowledge that there is a shell tool. If the geometry is any more complex than primitive shapes, it seems to fail spectacularly. Attached, I include three different views of the object I wish to hollow. Perhaps, someone will know how to accomplish this — without having to migrate the whole darn thing, to Fusion 360! Thank You in Advance…


Which face do you want to remove?

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Why not design 1/2 of your body, Shell and then Mirror. May work out better for you…





Attached, please find the object — the highlighted areas are the ones that I wish to be removed. The binocular IR camera (in the background) as well as a logic board, and other fasteners will go inside. Does this make sense?

Thank you for your time-and-attention!

Kind Regards…

Thanks for the report, it should work. We will investigate this issue.

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We found the problem. Will be fixed in v3.11 (approximately within two weeks).