Variables for material thickness

I make designs for puzzels and work with different thickness of material.
Each time I have a different thickness I need to change all my designs.
That’s not a big issue because I have set constraints and therefor I can select all intersecting points and change the values manually. But sometimes miss one of the 100.
This would greatly help me out because not only the thickness of the material but also the lasercutter s can require different dimensions for marking a good fit.

Similar to my requirement for lasser cutting I seen similar requests for 3D printing where holes are made for inserts, other size inserts and all holes need to be selected and updated.

It would be great If I can specify variables, for example specified in mm’s, and assign dimensions to these variables.
By changing the value of the variable all dimemtions using that same variable should be updated.

I do see some related information in the API manual but it’s way to technical for me.
Support this request if you have the same request be replying to this post!

Looking forward to your reply.

I’m not a native English speaker…
can anyone help me out and let me know if my goal is clear? I’m stuggeling the most with the title.



What you described is parametric modeling, which at this point isn’t possible in Shapr3D, as it’s a direct modeling application.

We might have something to solve this problem later though, so stay tuned :wink:

Thanks, looking forward to it… would help me a lot!