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Really great to work on concepts in Shapr3D

I want to ask your attention to the following:
With 3D Builder and paint for Windows 10 and Surface tablets, Microsoft has made something very powerful. I am working with 3D printed eyewear and HP full color SLS has just arrived. Printing attractive consumer end products is now possible. The 3MF file format is fantastic and multi textured printable objects are very easy to make with 3D Builder

It would be very powerful to:

  1. Export to 3MF (secondary an import)
  2. Support textures like in Umake

To be creative with Shapr3D creating multi color objects is already a great feature. Thank you for that.

Best reg


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Hi Marc, thanks for the feedback. We looked into this soemtime ago and at the moment there is no ETA for when this will be deployed.

However, I will pass on your feedback to our product team.

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Thank you for the swift answer. Seems 3mf has a consortium. You might get help from them or HP dev department.

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