Feature Request - Color in sketches & SVG Export

I know that it’s been requested before, but I’d love to see SVG export of sketches, and color support at the sketch level. I’m using this primarily to create dimensionally accurate sketches for output on a laser cutter (a Glowforge), and color SVG allows the system to separate operations (i.e. - cut, engrave, score) based on the color of the shapes. I believe this is similar to how the Shaper Tools Origin router works, for which another user requested SVG export.

I’ve also been using this to do some floor plans, and it would be nice to be able to represent different aspects of infrastructure in different colors (e.g. plumbing, electrical, etc.).

Thanks for your consideration!


I have a laser cutter, as well as a Shaper Origin - I cannot use this application until I have the ability to export to SVG. Please add this feature. Thanks!

May I ask why you want to use a 3D drawing program for your 2D laser system? I have an Epilog and a Kern Laser system, but use CorelDraw for any 2D drawing. Or are you trying to 3D etch with your laser? Tom

If I can use one program for all applications, life is simple. :slight_smile: