Still can't double-click to rename

There’s still no shortcut to double click on a layer to rename. The alternative would be selecting a layer and pressing return, but I think I’d prefer double clicking.


I agree. I want to cmd+r to rename. Selecting and return doesn’t work for me.

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I can’t wait Wor it either.
Renaming objects, sketches and planes with a double-click or Cmd+R shortcut would help a lot to keep design organised well.
Renaming objects is crucial to keep things well Named and shortens time to find the right element.
Right-Click > select from dropdown > and click for Rename is far too long operation, which keeps me away from well named of the structure of objects. It makes me frustrated.

From my experience Figma has solved this renaming case in the best way on the market.

I know you think also about iPad users, but the dropdown menu item „Rename“ will not conflict with the "double-click“
Please, add such a small feature, which frees up a lot of frustration :slight_smile:

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I’m double-tapping with the pencil on the iPad to rename, instinctively, all the time. I also wish for this. It’s a commonly available interface element which is intuitive.

I’m very curious to see what’s coming in this new major UI update. Perhaps they’ve just been saving UI changes for the big overhaul.

Still no double-click for rename :frowning:
Keep the multi-rename feature for the future, but, please give us Doble-click for rename (desktop)

„That would be one small step for dev, one giant leap for mankind.“