iPhone project viewing + VR support


I would suggest to get iPhone app for just viewing the projects you’ve created and being able to put them into VR if your iPhone have the lidar sensor. Its been now several times where I am seeing some of my friends or new people and the conversation goes into 3D modelling and printing overall. Then I say that the 3D modelling is actually very easy and intuitive with iPad and I’ve done some of my own projects with mine. Then usually they would like to see what I’ve done with it and since I am not carrying the iPad everywhere with me I don’t have it and then I need to find some youtube videos which is never a smooth transition in the conversation. So it would be so much easier to showcase your work to other people if I could just show them my projects from my iPhone and probably even project the object into the VR.

Hi @Mikael, with Reality Composer you can take a look at the 3d models on your iPhone. Just export your projects as USDZ and import them into Reality Composer