Feature Request! Make "Highlight" in Groups stick

So when you go to Groups and slide the name label to the right it reveals "Highlight"
This is nice
But! If we want to transfer a group of shapes into that Layer by clicking the Folder icon there is no easy way to remember what elements were not in that Group
To that point with the Color feature, it would be nice to be able to color a whole Layer at a time rather than only by individual elements

Hmm, interesting. In Shapr 1.2 when you switched to “add to group” mode, we greyed out all the shapes that were not in that group, maybe we should consider something like that, that should help.

Thought we had remembered a different behavior! :slight_smile:
The other thing we miss is when you would highlight one group and then select and copy objects from another group
The new copy would be automatically placed in that highlighted group
That was a time saver
Now it takes a number of extra steps to move the new objects into an empty group
We like to make copy’s and iterations while working through an idea
To add to this the ability to copy a layer/group would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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