Why is only one dimension displayed/editable?

Hi there, sorry of this is easy but if I click an object, only one dimension ever displays, and so, only one dimension is ever editable.

See attached, notice how only one dimension is available, how do I see/edit the other dimension? Clicking it doesn’t seem to show it.

Any help much appreciated.

Cheers, Ben

Hi if you are not in sketchmode you will only see dimensions youve locked. If you want the other dimension edit too while you are not in sketchmode go into the sketchmode, click on the dimension and lock it too

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@Dennis_L Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

Would I have manually locked a dimension? Not sure how so must’ve clicked something - right?

You can lock dimensions in different ways:
-Lock dimensions over the constrains panel in sketchmode
-Lock it over the input panel beside the calculater and click on the locksign
-input a dimension and it will be automatically locked

But you can easy access a dimension on a sketch in 3d view if you dont locked it. You have to click the edge on your sketch and the dimension will appear.

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@Dennis_L Ahh OK, so when I entered an exact dimension it became locked. Got it.

I’ve had inconsistent results seeing the other dimension so mustn’t be clicking the edge exactly, will pay more attention. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.