Feature request - toggle navigation method

I would really like to toggle the line creation tool on and off.
By default the navigation is single finger viewport rotation and when the pen touches the screen, a sketch is created.

I would like to have the option to change this…

So, my suggestion would be… to make a finger to pencil navigation toggle…

When creation tool is turned off, the pencil could rotate the viewport, instead of the finger, and you would access the sketch tools via the menu.

I’m really struggling with the default method of navigation, hence my request.



Why are you struggling with it?


It’s just not intuitive to me that’s all.

I’ve been using shapr for a while (8 months) for making quick concepts on the go, and its navigation still feels alien.

Some of it, is that I use multiple apps on iPad and surface pro,and pc for work. All of which follow a similar workflow to each other.

Normal workflow is create an object from a menu or button> rotate view >manipulate the object > rotate view and so on…

All of them give the option to rotate with the pencil, as well as other modes of navigation, so I guess it’s just a habit.

I feels like, it slows modelling down, having to constantly switch from pencil to fore finger, pencil to forefinger overland over again.

In all other apps Ive used, you need to select something to create it, and shapr3d’s method breaks that workflow from a, click in space to create a line, standpoint.

To sum up… It would be nice to have the option to turn it off, and switch to a “pencil rotate / non sketch creation mode.”