Feature Suggestion : "Select Previous"

Hello S3D team,

First of all, i wish to write few words to congratulate you all for such an amazing product you already have created ! Just brilliant and keep improving at a very fast pace by putting a lot of efforts to listen to end users. Awesome !!

Having used S3D for few weeks now, i feel comfortable enough to contribute to the on-going efforts to make S3D even better. See my suggestion below:

I feel that a new command called “Select Previous” could be very useful and save a lot of time.

“Select Previous” would select all objects or edges used in the command previously executed.

Exemples of benefits:

  1. Say i have selected all components of a chair (ex: 20 separate objects) and have executed a command (ex: translate). Assume here that the 20 separate objects are NOT nicely sorted yet in a unique folder… After having executed the command translate, i want to execute another command on the same ALL objects. Having a “select previous” command available would save my time to re-select each of the 20 objects.

  2. Say i have a chair again (ex: 20 separate objects), all those objects are nicely sorted inside a unique folder. Whenever i want to copy this chair, usually, i will select the folder in order to select all the 20 objects inside, then i will execute the command copy. The problem here is that, the new chair will have created 20 new objects inside the existing folder. It is a problem because i would prefer to have another folder containing only the 20 new objects created. IF i have a “select previous” command, i would first execute the command copy. Then, i would use the command “select previous” and move the corresponding objects into a new folder.

The above 2 examples are the first one to come to my mind, but i am sure there are plenty of other situations where a command “select previous” could be very handy and make the S3D experience even greater !


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I would agree and add that lasso selection or group selection ability to select faces or outlines would also be a huge improvement.

Hi @jcgi, thanks for your feedback. Selection improvements are definitely something that we find important, and I hope we will make significant progress with this matter later this year. Stay tuned!