Feature suggestion: vector file import

Hello, everyone,

I am really enjoying Shapr3D, it’s already a brilliant app and the updates are only making it better.
Could you maybe implement a vector file import in the upcoming updates? So that you could, for example, import complex vector patterns as sketches and then extrude them into 3D objects or project onto surfaces?
Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Hi, thanks for the kind feedback and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I presume you know already that sketches can be imported into the app in DWG or DXF formats.
However, we are working really hard to support SVG vector file import soonest and we hope to release this feature before the year runs out.

I wasn’t aware of that feature, thanks for pointing it out. I thought those formats were only for technical drawings, but I guess that solves my question.
Are there any plans for some pattern making tools? Or tools like box selection? Because the currently selecting multiple sketches can get pretty tiresome

Hi, @Vencac the Array pattern feature comes top on our roadmap, at the moment there is no set ETA.
With our swift development pace, we hope to deliver the priority features within the next year.

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That sounds great, thanks!

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