Import vector files

Hi, is it possible to import vector files, like .ai, or svg? and use it as different shapes? Im’ a graphic artist and I would like to more easily make 3d from my drawing :slight_smile: thank you for help

Hi @Elrotringo, currently you can import vector files using the DXF and DWG formats.

yes, thank you but sometimes files are ok, sometimes not. I notice that it must be prepared in the vector app with the minimum of points and angles. But even with that sometime the import show things in the gallery but they are empty :frowning: or sometimes it’s juste a complete shape without the details. Anyway, I continue to use and learn from day to day because Shapr is the more powerful and easiest 3d app I have tried. A very good improvement could be a easiest way to make tubes or 'spaghettis", to draw spline with volume already done. :slight_smile: many thanks

Hi Elrotringo, please note, that Shapr’s DWG import tool does not handle annotation (text) and 3D Data yet, these are missing from the model after import. In general however, 2D planar shapes (polygons, lines, splines, etc. ) should be imported, independently from number of points.

By making “Spagettis”, do you mean extruding a 2D profile along an existing path curve? If that is what you are after, you can do it with the help of the “Sweep” tool.