Feedback: Modelling space UI improvements

Just here to say that I really appreciate the new grid color, being desaturated as opposed to the blue hue before.

The other thing I wished for in Shapr3D ever since I started using it is different display modes. I used to use Rhino and could take screenshots of clean line drawings without any shaded surfaces, and send this to clients. I like how playful Shapr3D looks, but the display mode I used just has a more professional look and classic, architectural feeling when it comes to drafting for clients. (btw a workaround would be to use shapr’s drawing tool, but the views and being limited to isometric is more aimed at manufacturing than visualizing a concept for clients)

I absolutely love Shapr3D

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Hi @mxbss ,

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you show an example?

Also in the creative process I think it is very useful to work with neutral surfaces in order to abstract what something will look like in reality

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Awesome, thanks. So basically just the edges, without the faces. Makes sense.

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