Important features for Architecture student

  1. I think that it would be great if shapr could have a ortho mode. I found out when designing that some things were off because my line wasn’t exactly straight (line in this app tend to behave better around the grid, outside of the grid the line can be slightly off at times)
  2. Geometric shape (rectangle, circle, triangle, etc…)
  3. Make 2D (export flat line/ vector drawing) e.g: elevation, etc…
  4. Export image without background.
  5. Precise Scale (being able to input a value when scaling), use a reference line, etc…
  6. Simple shadow system
  7. A quick button to reset the C-plan. It is annoying that everytime I double click on a face to go say in front view that i have to go in another menu to reset camera. I think being able to move between different views will be really helpful.
  8. Different view option (wireframe, shaded, ghosted, technical, rendered (though only limited to color: nothing fancy for now)
  9. Being able to draw vertical lines without leaving the 3D mode

I will send a screen with few more features and UI dessign suggestions.

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

  1. There is ortho mode. When you switch to top/bottom/etc camera views, or double tap on something, it switches to ortho mode.
  2. Circle? But you can draw a circle literally by drawing a circle :slight_smile: For more complex sketches it would make sense, like regular n-gons, or ellipses, and adding these are on the roadmap.
  3. On the roadmap.
  4. Yes, that’s planned.
  5. This is already there. When in transform mode, start dragging the yellow handle, and then you can enter a value on the white button that displays the current scale value.
  6. Interesting, we will consider it.
  7. Already there, top right menu->Reset camera. It resets the grid as well.
  8. Ghosted is already there, top right menu->ghosted. (You are coming from Rhino, right? :slight_smile:)
  9. Not sure what this means, could you explain?
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Good evening, thank you so much for the fast reply. I really appreciate your dedication!

yes I do come from rhino. I sometime use sketchup as well. I feel Shapr3D is more like sketchup in the senses that one can push and pull faces easily to create of substrat volume (I would go even as far as saying that shapr3D is faster at doing that because fo the pencil implementation)
I definitely agree with you on number 2. I didn’t really thing that one through (drawing the circle actually save us time we would otherwise spend looking for the icon)
I have included an image this time around to point out at somethings that might have not been clear from my previous post.

Unfortunately this is not possible. In this very simple case it would make sense, but usually it would not, and would make the sketching completely unpredictable. And what would be a use case for that? You have probably noticed that Umake does quite random things when you draw something. This is not what we want.

I understand what you mean and agree with you that uMake can be unpredictable and very sloppy. I was merely using the uMake example to point out at the view icons. I like that they are directly accessible without having to click on something else first. There is also an option to hide the icône when not needed.

For the vertical lines I was wondering if having a “endpoint snap” option would make it possible to connect the two planes with lines as shown in my drawing. the snap restriction (end to end) will eliminate the problem seen in uMake. This is just a speculation on my part because I do not have the knowledge you have about 3D modeling programs and its challenges. In a sense I am just wondering if such feature is reasonably achievable.

Thank you for your time and dedication,