File organization inside Shapr3d

I’m wondering if there’s any plan to implement the organization of files within the opening screen. It’s great that my 2 most recent designs are highlighted when I open the app, but scrolling through about a hundred designs, which are automatically/forcibly sorted by the date of their most recent open (i.e. one at the middle last time isn’t reliably at the middle this time), means finding designs is a substantial pain. Especially if I’ve had to make several models which look very similar but are for different purposes.

A simple folder structure would help the user experience a ton, and for some reason I assume it would be relatively easy to implement. Is this on the horizon? Thanks!


I agree completely.
A folder structure would allow different versions to grouped. At the moment they appear scattered around.

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Yes please!

I also agree to this issue of latest access sorting as annoying when number of designs have increased and you just want to browse your library.

However, what would be a better solution is not self evident in my view. Let the developers innovate by giving us what we need rather than the solution we ask for :).

I didn’t see Shapr3D coming when I earlier was messing with 3D modelling in SketchUp!..