Fillet/chamfer sketches?


i was curious if there is a way to fillet and/or chamfer sketches.

I tend to find the spline tool real difficult to grasp and it takes a long time to get curved surfaces. so most times i make all sketches angular then once extruded i fillet the geo. is there a way to do this on sketches? or maybe thats not possible at the moment. thanks :slight_smile:

Mark, yes. Just touch the line/edge you want to chamfer. Then move the arrow one way for chamfer, or the other way for fillet. McD

I think that only applies to bodies. For sketches, I don’t think there’s a way to do it except by adding a line (chamfer) or arc (fillet) in the corner and then trimming the bounding lines.

Alan, yes, you are correct. Only once the body has been formed. McD