First impression of the workflow and apps

I really like this app. The workflow is very fluid and rather 3D sketch like than cad engineering.

I am very exited to see where this will go to. The Autodesk iOS apps are a let down.

This app is amazing.

Specifically the hand navigation and pen drawing workflow is so nice.
As I said sketching 3D not modeling 3D.

On shape obviously has a much richer toolset. But they keep o n doing the same old 2d construction plane drawing workflow that is for fast ideation terrible. It is like engineering tools forced onto designers.

I am curious if in terms of DM something could be done so when I edit a profile the revolve object could update. Maybe not like the history in Alias but maybe something similar like that paired with DM modeling.

Currently I have to build different dummy models and the save each modeling step as a new copy.

Fillets as surface details will come at the end.

That works but is also somewhat an old rhino like workflow.


Yes, we will improve the DM capabilities of Shapr. We are working on it. Basically it is one of the main objectives. By main, I mean top top top top +++ priority :slightly_smiling:

Yeah very good focus.

If that DM is getting somewhat flexible and that paired wit the fast modeling this app has this will be a killer!

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