Flat to round

How can you wrap a flat image to a round image. I’m trying to take away from the round image, so it looks inprinted

This is a Flat Sketch ‘A’:

  1. Tools > Project onto a Cylinder with the Lefthand ‘A’

  2. The Projected ‘A’ was Selected and pushed into the Cylinder using the Double Arrow Tool

  3. The ‘A’ was Extruded only [5mm deep]

  4. The ‘A’ was Extruded into the Cylinder [7mm deep]

If this is not helpful please describe more fully what you wish to do.


@Gelphyn’s A and B versions is the best solution.

If you are looking for a feature that wraps around (360deg) a face, that is currently not possible - only if you project in two parts, one from front, and one from back

Hello Daniel, do you have any information if the feature that you mentioned, to wrap around 360 degrees, is coming any time in the future? Many times i find simply projecting is not working for me well, especially when i am trying to project specific pattern. Also isn’t it correct that project tool works as if i would just subtract, or drag the face until it subtract automatically? Does it wrap around up to certain angle? I would appreciate your answer. All best

the pattern on the edges is distorted. Anyone know any method to make it work?

All the best

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I really hope to see this feature added in the futur. :grinning:

Hi there,

i have a similar problem. I want to model a paper label for a bottle. The dimensions of the label have to be exactly the same as the „real world“ label because i want to add the 2D label design as a texture for rendering later. The label has a curved shape on the top part. Anyone an idea how to do this? Projecting the curve does not work as far as i can see because it won‘t give the correct dimensions of the label.

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this tool follows light and shadow principle.
So as name says I think. :upside_down_face:
Your best bet is to rotate sketch to the angle you’d like to project at.

Wouldn‘t this be kind of guesswork? How do i know which angle i should use to rotate before projecting?

@LarsG you can use rotate around the axis tool for each letter

This is no problem

This is :flushed:

It focuses on it’s first target angle

It seems to work fine if the sketches are parallel to each other.

Hi MrJack88,

rotation and projection of small objects might work if 100 % perfection is not needed. The bigger the curve you want to “wrap” around (like the label onto the bottle in my case) the less accurate the measurements are.

Another way to control the dimensions of a label with a curved top is to make a cylinder with a height as tall as the the center of the label and use the shell tool to make a paper thin shell. Then, make a block the same height as the cylinder on one face and the same height as the edge of the label on the opposite face and use the intersect tool to cut out the label. The width of the label can be controlled with a little simple math. As an example: If the 2D width of the label is 4 inches and the circumference of the bottle is 12 inches, the label would wrap 120 degrees around the bottle.

This is a great way to do it. Thank you very much! As i already had created a label with a rectangular shape on the bottle by extruding an arc i did not use the shell tool like you did, but i used your idea of boolean the intersecting part of the two solids. See the result …


Looks great!
There’s always more than one way to skin a cat.

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Just want to show the result of that project. I had problems with the lid. The “shell” tool did not work maybe due to the complex form of the lid? I don’t know. Only workaround (that was not 100 % precise) was to subtract a scaled version of the body.


Looks great! Shelling on this geometry can be very tough. Have you tried with lower thickness?

That is a beautiful render!

Hi Istvan,
i have tried agian to shell the lid. I went down from 0,3 to 0,2 to 0,1. The same problem. Only at 0,1 it worked. Than i scaled the inner edge of the bottom part a little bit down to make look the material thicker. Thanks for your input!

@ jpulaski The rendering was done in Adobe Dimension. Not perfect but ok for a quick try. Moe work is needed on the bottom part of the bottle. Too transparent at the moment.

Hello @LarsG, I do not know too much about your modeling workflow, I am sorry if I ask pretty basic things, but have you tried to shell it without the patterned blobs on it? They may result in self-intersections or the fillets on them may fail the shell if the wall thickness is bigger than 0.1 mm