Wrap a sketch to a cylinder

Is there a way to wrap these logo to a cylinder?

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Use Tools > Project
There is an example of this at:


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Projecting is a vital feature, but unfortunately will warp the logo in this instance. How can we wrap these shapes onto the cylinder or curve?

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Create the Logo and use Transform > Rotate around Axis

Then use Tools > Project:

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Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, this method still causes warping. The edges of the A in this example will be stretched (just a bit), but these irregularities split among the many characters and shapes of a logo distort the original artwork.

Is there any way to wrap a shape around a curve?
(not just splitting the source artwork and projecting smaller shapes and hoping no one will notice the distorition)

The A size was deliberately chosen to display differences between Original and projection.
the following illustrates those differences:

The dimension difference of the Top Cross Bars is 17,569mm - 17.500mm = 0.069mm longer on Projection

In the following the A has been Scale to 25%:

The dimension difference of the Top Cross Bars is 4.375mm - 4.383mm = 0.008mm

Click on the images to verify the Dimensions at the bottom centre.

In this example, I extruded the logo much deeper than required, cut of front and back at desired diameter.