Font issue, actually the letter B issue

Trying to use the font “noteworthy” and after narrowing it down by removing letters, the letter B or a word using it will result in and error with no text produced. Removing the “B” results in text being produced.
Trying text to drawing app works though when you import the dxf it producrd

I had the same issue with the letter T with noteworthy. I corrected it by zooming in on the letter T to find it needed a little adjustment. Works well now and extrudes.

Hi Aquariumsetc!
Thanks for reporting it, the team noted the issue, but unfortunately this feature is currently not prioritised for further development.

Al, good, just letting you know.

Yeah, I’ve found that there are definitely some fonts that work better than others. Luckily, the stuff I’m designing doesn’t need to be pretty, so Arial seems to work good.