Freeze on the latest iPad pro

Hi, i’m New user, recently bought latest iPad Pro for engineering work, and faced freezing on simple manipulations:
Try 2 different internet providers with good internet - nothing changed

Is any way to fix this? Otherwise it’s impossible to work with Shapr3D

Hi - thanks for the question. Shapr3D doesn’t require internet connection to work with, it runs natively on your iPad.

The problem is with the workspace - we will be changing it in future releases - thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for fast answering!
any ideas when this behavior could be fixed?

It is only for those cylinder - if you adjust the “yellow” parts you will notice that you can adjust every detail.

As for the when: We are releasing 3.20 tomorrow, and we will make sure this gets out fast right after 3.20 - can’t share an exact date