Frequent crash in version. 3.52

Continue to have this problem.
Simple as possible sketch.
One rectangle on top of a jpeg.
Crashes when move the box.
Seems like if i delay in my movement or readjust before lifting the pencil the crash happens but that could be a false perception.
bath tub.shapr (164 KB)

Looking forward to the update going live.

Does it crash when you do this?

Did you update to the latest version?

For what its worth, I just opened the Crashy file, and the Bathtub file and manipulated them both per the videos that were provided. I did not experience a crash. My iPad Air is a Generation 6, MR6R2LL/A on version 13.7. App is 3.54.0. Glad I have not upgraded the iOS yet :slight_smile:

I hope this helps the debug effort.

Just moving the sketch crashes it.
Haven’t ever had a crash from a body.:thinking:

Auto updates always. On 3.54 currently.

I just moved the sketch around and no problem.
Try this, restart Shapr3D and start fresh with a new workspace, import the jpeg, draw the rectangle and try again. See if this duplicates your crash problem.