Multiple crashes while sketching

I am sketching a rather detailed picture with lots of curved lines. While drawing, the app pauses and refreshes almost every time I add a line. It will frequently crash and restart. I am using an iPad Pro that is a year old and thought maybe the processor is being worked too hard. I bought a new iPad with the new Apple chip to see if it made a difference, but the same problems keep happening. I have returned the new iPad.

Here is the sketch.

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Could you please submit a request to our support team and attach your design exported as a .shapr file? That’d allow us to take a deeper look. Complex sketches like yours (that looks amazing BTW!) can indeed stress the app, but there might be bottlenecks we can work around.

In the meanwhile, one thing you could try as a workaround is to draw the sketches for the different parts on different planes and hide the ones you are not working on at the moment. In the live version that I see you’re using those sketches must not be on the same plane, but you can easily achieve that by adding multiple construction planes that are a bit away from each other and start sketching on them.

I’m curious to see what this turns into…looks very interesting.

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This is the completed shelf. Laser cut and engraved.


Wow…that looks amazing! Congrats.