Shadows and environments get a boost - 5.130 (3142 iOS, 3147 macOS)

Hi Shaprs,

We’re ramping up things with Visualization. Here’s an exhaustive list of improvements:

  • With ground plane shadows visible, bodies below the plane are hidden
  • Ground shadows are only visible from above the ground plane
  • Environment thumbnails now show if they have ground shadows
  • “Bright Salon” got a lighting boost
  • “Bright Salon 2" added to the environment mix
  • Improved transparency while taking screenshots with transparent objects in front of a transparent backdrop

Editor’s note: If you’re on your iPad, download build number 3142, and if you’re on your Mac, go with 3147.
As usual, let us know how you like the improvements, and if you face any difficulties, just drop a comment below.


opened up a previous design in the latest version on the ipad and there are 2 different bodies, when i go into visualization with one of the new environments the top body which is bright green shows up but the bottom body which is a black color does not show up but when i go into the default environment both of the bodies show up fine is there something that i need to change to get them both to show up in a special environments.

Thank you

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If it’s position is under the ground plane (currently the XY plane), then it won’t show up in the environments which have ground planes. So to see it, you need to move it up in the modelspace.

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thanks for the new update and the additional environments.

But I’m really disturbed by the automatic shadow and the XY plane behavior that hides bodies below Z=0. It means that you model something below the XY plane, see it in the model view, but it disappears on the visualisation view? And it reappears if you look from below?

I don’t want to move my design up because most of the time I design centered to the origin and I need to keep my designs that way: it’s more convenient to switch planes, to rotate around axis, etc. It is also important to have the bodies centered to origin when I export .step file and import them later in simulation software to perform multi-physics simulation.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to model centered to the origin :wink:
Let say you model a glass : you will model the bottom of the glass on the XY plane.
Then you wand to add a wooden table just to see how it looks: you will model it below the XY plane because you don’t want to move the glass up by the thickness of the wooden plank, and if you want to adjust the thickness of the table, you certainly don’t want to move the glass up or down each time.

So in my view, having the shadow set at the XY plane and hiding the bodies below it does not work well.

May I suggest two things:

  • add a on/off switch on the interface to enable/disable both the shadow and the auto-hide feature
  • add a slider to choose the altitude (Z value) of the shadow’s position between the lowest Z value of the design up to the highest Z value

I don’t want to be rude, I love the app, the visualization, the continuous improvement and the pace of release, congratulation to all for this impressive work.
Best regards

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Thank you for the detailed explanation!
This is only the first iteration with Studio Environments and we are planning to refine it more. Adjusting the ground plane position and snapping it to the bottom of the model will come in a future update.

Meanwhile you can use the Move/Rotate tool in the modeling space to move your model above XY plane.

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I just updated to build 3150 on macOS, but the version number is 5.122.0. Confused.


That’s not a Visualization Beta app, but the latest release one. The Visualization Betas are usually one (or more) major version ahead of what is released.

Should they show up in TestFlight? Are there multiple TestFlights for Shapr3D?

There are multiple Testflight groups, so one user can be part of multiple beta or user research programs.

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@PEC this is more or less what I came here to say as well. And I also don’t want to move my model from origin in most cases.

The ability to switch off the ground plane, or move the ground plane (or have it snap to the bottom of the lowest point of a model) would be nice.


Yes. We are working on this.

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The shadow of the new version of Visualization has become very strange. Please improve it as soon as possible.

We are currently working on making the ground plane adjustable and it will come in a future update. Until then if you want your model to be above the ground plane in Visualization, you can move your object above the XY plane in the modeling space.

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Thank you ,Alex!