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Hello been using Shapr3D for a while, love it so much for most things, but this weekend decided to stop my subscription mainly due to still a lot of missing features and bugs that have remained for years. Reported most of these so many times and just no movement after 2 years, so have to assume they won’t happen.

curious if any of these will be worked on in the near future?.

  • broken selection logic - using a tool doesn’t chain into another. There was an update a long time ago to a new UI which was supposed to allow users to do multiple commands without deselecting. But didn’t really work - you could do 1 action, then had to deselect, then undo to reselect the assets to continue working ( didn’t always work ) - any news on this being fixed?. - new selection lasso is nice tho but still doesn’t fix it.

-any sort of 3D space lofting - 3D sketching ( like umake - gravity sketch - mental canvas ) - so not using the 2d sketches but editable 3d splines and patches. Last I tried you could do basic lofting with flat sketches, but no editing. So destructive workflow. If 3D sketching isn’t possible can we get functionality to at least edit the lofts in 3D space to pull them into an organic shape?. Possible welding-merging of lofts etc.

-any persistent pivot adjustments, for us making articulating assets the need to move pivots each time is a pain and also a basic rigging setup would help.

-a way to share assets between scenes - bolts.hinges,etc - currently you must export and it export the entire scene and requires a reimport manually - browser system would be A+.

  • ways to do symmetry - currently it’s do one side and manually slice and copy paste to the other- fairly basic tool that’s been requested for a long time. - most slicing ( creating multiple parts ) is a long process of intersecting, then subtracting then…

  • improvements on view modes - needing to go into export menu to remove edges to view the model - no basic shadows or AO. - testing with highly reflective materials to tests speculate/rough response to geometry before going into texturing etc.

  • exporting taking over 30-40 mins using an format other than X_T in complex Models - sometimes it’ll take an hour.

Thanks for any updates, love the app a ton! but it’s missing a lot of what I need right now and 30$ a month when I can’t use it isn’t awesome. I’ll be doing a swap to fusion till some workflow improvements are addressed and possibly 3D patches/spline/lofting.fingers crossed that the team improves more overtime and has a roadmap to give an idea of improvements. Thanks for listening, all the best.


Hey @MarkL,

thank you for your feedback and I am happy to share some updates with you on what are our plans to address many of the frustrations you mention.

With area selection and command search we explored retaining the selection between operations and it’s on our backlog to allow it.

In the last few weeks we kicked off a project focusing on better surfacing support. As a start, in the next few months we plan to add variable and chordal options to Fillet, G2 continuity for the Fillet and Loft tools and railed Loft and Sweep. And we are currently planning out where to go beyond from there.

Now that we are expanding our support to multiple platforms it will be increasingly important to allow syncing your designs across platforms. Following that we will work on making it easier to organise and reuse parts of your designs.

A body slicing solution is close to ready, expected to ship in September.

As to view modes and materials, we are planning to ship something very exciting by the end of this year.

To allow exporting in formats other than X_T we rely on a third party and we are not satisfied with the performance either. It’s unfortunately not yet clear when can improve it, but we definitely feel the pain.

And lastly a question, could you expand a bit on what you mean by persistent pivot adjustments?

Hope this helps, please let us now if you have any questions.




Good news. This and text are the two features I miss the most. It’s just too laborious to cut a body as it is now.


Persistent meaning - ex: I have a robot arm and say i know I always want to have the pivot at the shoulder in the same spot everytime to test mobility/rotations etc - however I can move the pivot for the move operation. But once done that pivot is lost and gone, I have to reposition each time - so reduces the ability to quickly test articulating parts.

If say a folder could have a fixed pivot, then I could place all elements I wish to rotate in that folder and use that fixed pivot. But last I tried same issue.

Thanks for the update, that all sounds great. Paused my subscription for now, as most of my work requires more organic/editable spline workflow. But if ever that comes online I’ll be running back. Thanks for listening and -providing a look at the future roadmap, that’s super useful. Thanks so much and best of luck continuing the software.

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One trick is to add a construction axis at your desired pivot point, then put that axis into the folder along with the rest of the elements you want to pivot. As long as there are no other axes in the folder, whenever you select the folder you’ll immediately enter Rotate Around Axis mode for that part.


yeah.sometimes I also use this way.

Hey @TheBum,

good news, split body has been released in November and our built in text tool in December:

Hope these new tool will come handy. Let us know if you have any feedback.


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Please please!!!

Any news on this?
Would be an important feature imho

Whatever happened to chordal fillets which were “a few month” away in August 2021?
Parasolids is surely capable of it, so what is holding you back?