Garden gate with sloping

I need help.
I want to design a Garden Gate.
I already designed the Frame But now I dont have a idea how I can design the slopings.
I hope you can help me. I Hope you Understand me. On both Ends I want to do 45 degrees corner so it will fit Good in the Frame. And how I can copy and Paste a componet ?
Thank you

Hey @SiDaWelding!

For this modeling job, you’ll have to use the “Sketch” tool to draw the required outline of the bars of the fence. You can quickly select which construction plane you wish to draw on by double-tapping on it.

In this case, please make sure to double-tap on the face of the frame.

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do you mean this

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thank you.
This is what I mean.
Very nice

Ok i will try it thank you very much

:+1: Keep creating thanks

Can you Maybe look my other Post ? I want to do a pipe with 45 grad degres, Maybe you have time to show me how it work.

I can’t understand the picture so I can help you

Its like a L With Pipes you Unterstand ?


Yeahhhh thank you, i have to learn much.
Greetings daniel

Thank :+1: