‘Go to’ sketch/folder

Is there a way to select an object or sketch line and ‘go to’ or ‘select’ the enclosing sketch or folder?

At the moment I seem to have to make the selection and then scroll and dig down through folder layers to find the enclosing sketch or folder. (Don’t have to select first but sometimes the visual highlight clue in the folders list helps when fast scrolling through a long list).

Say I want to add something to a detailed window within a complex multi layered model of a building. It would be neat to be able to go straight to the ‘window’ folder via selection on screen rather than scrolling and digging.


I do not think there is. With the folder viewer open selecting your object will highlight it in the folder. I wish it would open the folder the object is but it won’t. Sometimes you have to open your folders individually to see the highlighted item(s)

@Oregonerd is correct. Select something and look for which folder is highlighted is the best we have for now.

Object/folder management, along with selection abilities and visibility controls, are the improvements that could save a great deal of time. There have been many good discussions on here on these topics and I’m excited to see what the S3D team has in store for 2021. :grin:

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