Good way to import skp model is to convert it to stl in fusion360…good for architecture


If you want it editable in Shapr3D, why not export as STEP or, better, X__T?

stl objects are only converted as mesh bodies in Shapr3D and cannot really be edited.
stl is not a good idea and is the worst format ever.

It’s good for 3D printing and its triangular tessellation is good for 3D graphics such as that in video games, but that’s about it.

I am curious how to open shapr3d to SKP. What should format do I use?

In most cases in conversation from skp to fusion and then to step or x__t there a loss of data or the file is not usable…in shapr3d. I tried it a few times didn’t work…

STL file is still good for me though…:blush:

Export an obj file…to fusion and convert to skp…
I’d prefer to model in shapr3d though…

Not trues… Its editable as long as the file is from a good source.

STL imported into Shapr3D are not editable.
(Click on a hole and change the diameter or its position. Or try to change or delete a rounding, etc.).
There are CAD programs that convert STL into real solid bodies during import, which can then be processed without restriction.
You are welcome to publish a “good” STL that you think works.
I like to look at your STL. :wink:

Its editable for commands as for scale, rotate, move etc. You can move individual parts in an stl file…
You are right about the rest

Naturally. Any free viewer can scale and move.
You don’t need a CAD program for this.
I thought you wanted to work “right” with STL files in Shapr3D, not just to show something that was drawn elsewhere.