Grid Size decimal inches…

minor, minor issue…
…plenty of work arounds

when zooming to establish a grid size,
so the grid can then be locked to this size,

the decimal-inch grid goes from 1” to 0.5” to 0.1”
I find this un-helpful. (and arbitrary…)
And wish it would go to 0.25” on the way smaller.

Of course, someone will also want 1/8, then 1/16, etc.

I like decimal, and to stay in decimal,
because I think in decimal, but all the tape
measures are in fractions.

One of the many things I like about this app,
is all the many things that are delightfully, automatic.
Plainly put, this app just does things very helpful,
very surprising, and very welcomed.

Once you get tired of the finger painting drawing apps,
the apple pencil gets thrown in the box, forever.

This app makes the ipad-pencil combo rock, and rock hard!