Hate to ask but need help

Can you recommend a Tutorial for some one that never designed before lol, my son talked me into purchasing and he can go with it like a breeze and I am new at this whole idea never designed at all, , but there are so many tutorials I am not sure were to start?

Please do not hesitate to ask, there are many here ready to help and the S3D Team are always on hand to help.
In your situation I would commence by hitting the Tutorials :top: at the top of the screen, Then choose the Beginners set of Tutorials. Expect a short Learning Curve and experiment with your new found skills.
Good Luck and Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Thanks, it was expensive but I think well worth it if I can make what to want to make, I did not want to learn anything else to get confused

Well worth it Mike. Seems intimidating at first but once you get the base principles it’s fairly easy. I use the simplest workflow probably. I just sketch shapes push them out and then add details by creating other shapes from sketches that I add or cut away from the original. Sort of like clay modeling. Carve bits off, slap more on. I use shapr3d for a more art focused approach, so less worried about precise measurements and mechanical accuracies. For that side you’d want proper time spent sketching dimensionally correct drawings and more precise placement of details.

End of the day I’ve found all workflows in shapr are much simpler then traditional modeling software I’m used too.

For a starter tutorial I’d recommend one of the basic chair exercises, it shows your organic modeling with splines and also regular extruding and combining of parts which is what you will be doing the most.

First do the sketching videos. It’s the base of everything.

Then give this one a shot :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes :). You will get it soon enough :pray:

I guess I need to learn this sketch thing, is that like a drawing at first or something? I relied on my son but he is disabled and not feeling good and I bought it for him to help us design pretty simple parts, and he was doing really well, but now not so good and I have to learn this from the ground up, or take what he has and try to modify a few things to make it a finish that we can 3D print.

Hi Mike, the video recommended by @MaxRobotnick is a great start!
We also have great tutorial playlists on our YouTube page from beginner to advanced level and here’s a link to the playlists: